EQUIP - $125

Time: One Day

The Advanced Evidenced Based Practice of Skilleaming, Anger Management, Social Moral Reasoning and Mutual Self Help (Positive Peer Culture). EQUIP is a multi-part intervention method for working with antisocial or behavior disordered adolescents. The approach includes training in moral judgment, anger management/correction of thinking errors, and prosocial skills.

Learning Objectives:

Who Should Take This Training:
Any workers who deal directly with aggressive youth with high levels of acting-out behaviors.

Presented by Elijah McCauley, MA, CRC.
Elijah McCauley, MA, CRC is the lead Clinical Training Specialist at Stars Behavioral Health Group. He is a dynamic Clinical Trainer with 15 years experience in training and delivering therapeutic group services to youth with Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties (EBD). His expertise lies in Evidence Based Practice implementation and effective methods for dealing with difficult and resistant youth with EBD. He currently holds an M.A. in Health Science - Rehabilitation Psychology, certifications as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRCC), Certified Trainer of Aggression Replacement Training/ TPS (CA Institute of Mental health), Certified Trainer of Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescence Responding to Chronic Stress (North Shore Jewish Hospital), and Certified Transition to Independence Process (TIP) Model Implementation Consultant.