The purpose of this coaching & consultation service is to provide the framework, tools, exercises, and evaluation methods to train, teach, and coach teams providing wraparound in their agencies and communities.

This service is divided into the four phases of help - Engagement, Planning, Implementation, and Transition. Each of these phases is then clearly broken down into the specific tasks necessary to implement that phase. Each task is clarified further with definitions, key points with demonstration activities, and a list of Do's and Don'ts. Lastly, we provide activities in each area for use throughout the coaching process, outcome/evaluation audit tools that assess verbal, written, and observable activities and a corresponding resource/reference section for further help and/or information.

This service also incorporates the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI) principles to assure a high fidelity model for teams. Each task delineated in this guide is linked to the NWI principle to which it most directly correlates. These 10 principles were established by a collective of National Wraparound experts in order to tie the wraparound process to a values-based philosophy that leads to applicable actions.

These principles are: